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About Us

Greenfield Farms Alpacas is located in the beautiful countryside

of Catlett VA in Fauquier County. Our farm is a family owned and run farm situated on 20 acres of lush green, open pastures. We diligently work with our animals and strive to ensure their health and well-being.alpaca4

Our goal is to selectively breed alpacas with the best fleece, confirmation, and genetics to those legendary alpacas from years ago, and to enhance fineness, staple length, density and brightness with these exceptional traits.

We fell in love with alpacas in 2004 and began our journey in raising them in 2007 and we love every aspect of alpaca farming. We have always wanted a farm of our own and to raise animals of some sort but were not sure what kind. We did some research for a few years and was introduced to alpacas in 2004 and then we knew an alpaca farm was the choice for us.

Like any business, even farming, there is always some work that is involved. Raising alpacas is not hard work (especially to us), but none the less work is involved. All you need is love and work goes right out the window. There are so many advantages to owning alpacas, not just as a tax benefit, but also peace of mind. We love watching our alpacas graze in the fields, run and pronk with their buddies.

Alpacas are inexpensive to raise, require small acreage, well for the environment (in that alpacas clip the grass instead of pulling it out of the ground), and are very hardy and easily trainable. Alpacas have quite friendly dispositions and are easily loveable.